1. Driveway cracks are filled at Restore Sealcoating’s discretion where repair adds durability and longevity to the driveway. The repair will be visible after sealcoating.
  2. After we apply the sealcoat, there may be slight brush marks that are visible. These will fade away over time. The sand in our sealer, which allows the surface to be slip resistant and durable, can cause this.
  3. If we make repairs using Aquaphalt patch material, the new patch will have a deep black color and will not exactly match your existing driveway. Even after we seal coat the entire driveway, you will still be able to see where the patch was installed. It will not perfectly match.
  4. Oil spots may still be visible even after primed and sealed.
  5. Tire marks will occur on a freshly sealed driveway. This is normal and will go away over time. Please make sure the car is in motion when turning the wheel in the first 30 days.
  6. A leaking hose or downspout that drips water on the driveway can cause problems to the sealer in that area, we are not responsible for any stain or damage this may cause.
  7. We are not responsible for any damage to items that we need to move off the driveway, please move these items in advance.
  8. In the Fall, leaves may fall onto the driveway soon after sealcoating. This may leave a slight discoloration in that area but will fade away over the winter. Leaves will not affect the quality of work, only temporary aesthetics.
  9. Sealcoat Work is guaranteed for 1 year. Excluding any damages caused by Winter weather conditions like salt, snowplows, shoveling and snow blowers. Crack repairs are temporary, and we cannot guarantee how long they will last.
  10. Payment: You can pay the crew directly the day of service with a check and the invoice will be emailed to you the following day. If you are paying with a card in person, please let us know. Our crew will have the Jobber™ Card Reader that accepts credit and debit cards with chip, tap and swipe, as well as phone payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. To pay online, we will email a secure payment link the next day.