Restore Property Care specializes in asphalt repair, residential sealcoating, commercial sealcoating, and striping for parking lots. Our licensed and insured experts work to protect, beautify, and restore driving surfaces.

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Restore Sealcoating’s primary focus is to save customers of the greater Berks County area time and money by protecting, beautifying, and restoring residential or commercial driving surfaces. Our team of fully licensed and insured experts only use the highest quality products by SealMaster™, the industry’s global leader for pavement maintenance and management products. With top of the line products on hand, we are always prepared to handle any sort of pavement project with the highest quality pavement sealant and restoration product. With Restore Sealcoating, we guarantee the highest quality product and service for you and your family.

Why Us:

While driveway resealing can be a manageable project for the active DIY-er, sealcoating is a dirty job that no one wants to take on. With Restore Sealcoating, you are guaranteed top quality work by experts who have years of experience in the industry and true knowledge of the application process down to selecting and applying the correct formula of sealant for your specific application. Before the restoration process begins, our highly trained staff will inspect the surface and locate any areas needing more than a simple coat, many of which the average home owner may not notice.

Services offered:

Restore Sealcoating offers asphalt repair and sealing/maintenance in both residential and commercial settings, in addition to line marking and striping for parking lots. Our experts use a hand brushed application process for a perfectly clean and even application of asphalt sealant, which cannot be achieved in a spray application.

We even take extensive measures to ensure your driveway is prepared for application by going the extra mile to trim over-hanging obstacles like grass and branches, upon approval, for a quality finished product. We power wash driveways with dirt buildup, debris, moss or algae.  Power washing prior to sealcoating will ensure an unsoiled and even application of the asphalt sealant.

Materials Used:

Restore Sealcoating exclusively uses products made by SealMaster™, a global leader in pavement restoration and management. SealMaster™ develops sealants that protect against extreme weather and wear for at least two years from the application date.


  • Prolong driveway life
  • Won’t ruin landscape
  • Instant curb appeal
  • Cost savings
  • Do not have to be home
  • Clean up included


  • Professional look / curb appeal
  • Damage resistant to chemicals
  • Cost effective alternative to replacing
  • Seals/repairs damage (snow plows & salt)
  • Crack sealing


Sealcoating is a liquid mixture of water, sand, polymer additives, and other fillers that when applied by Restore Sealcoating will seal driveways for up to two years with a deep black finish, and is the recommend maintenance procedure to extend the life of a driveway or parking lot.

Weather and environmental exposure gradually degrades the bonding agent in asphalt and previous sealcoat applications. By reapplying a layer of sealcoating, the life of the blacktop surface is extended and for a time becomes impenetrable to the elements.

Resealing frequency depends on factors like traffic, weather, chemical/oil exposure and natural environments but in general, it is recommended that driveway and parking lot surfaces be resealed every two years to be kept in optimal condition.

Typically you can walk on a freshly sealed driveway after 24 hours and can drive on it after 48 hours, unless weather conditions slow the drying process. Restore Sealcoating would advise if these conditions exist.

Always look for a contractor that is an expert in their trade, uses high quality materials, and has a well-trained and professional staff.  The contractor should be fully licensed, insured, and well trained with documentation of their achievements as proof. Having proper qualifications and being trustworthy for home visits is key, especially if you are not home for the application!

Restore Sealcoating only utilizes SealMaster™ products for our projects because it is the highest quality product offered around the world. SealMaster’s unparalleled record of technological advances in product continues to set them apart as a true industry leader.

No, we do not require customers be home during the time of application, but you are more than welcome to do so.

Yes! After we finish a commercial parking lot project, we redo line markings and striping for parking spaces upon request.

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